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I specialize in video games development on Windows, Linux, and consoles.

This website showcases a few of my personal and school projects, although it didn't change that much since 2018!

The part you're probably most interested in is my professional experience, which I invite you to check out on my resume or my LinkedIn.

Programming projects

F.A.T.E Screenshot


This was one of my attempts at a 3D game engine, written in C and using OpenGL ES 2 for rendering graphics.

It is not maintained anymore, but I do consider it a proof of my cross-platform development skills.

Indeed, it compiled for Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and (theoretically) iOS, but also WebGL via Emscripten.

That said, I keep working on a personal (and private) engine, putting my professional experience to use and according to my evolving goals.

C, SDL2, OpenGL ES 2.

Emscripten demo (new tab)

Sources (Github)

IVI Screenshot


IVI is a virtual reality file explorer built for Oculus Rift and using a leap motion for hand tracking.

2nd year project at IMAC engineering school; worked with Julien Bazire, Lisa Couavoux and Héloïse Roussel.
Unity, C#.

Trailer (french)

Report (french)

REVOLVE Screenshot


A demo scene using deferred rendering, driven by a keyframes system; the ship creates particules simulated in a Compute Shader then rendered as additive point sprites.

The world was burnt to ashes, but one survivor remembers...

2-month advanced OpenGL project; worked with Coralie Goldbaum.
C++, OpenGL, ImGui.

Video recording

Windows release (ZIP archive with executable and assets)

Sources (GitHub)

Cage Story Screenshot

Cage Story

A "Dungeon Master" game in C++ and OpenGL 3+.

I went beyond the project's requirements by ensuring smooth animations, rendering objects in a "masked alpha" mode, and a configurable fog effect in the fragment shader.

Free prisoners and explore the dungeons!

C++, OpenGL 3+, graphical assets by Mélanie PAQUE.

Windows release

Sources (Github)

Hovercraft Screenshot


A top-down time trial racing game, with ships that carry strong inertia.

Each ship offers its unique combination of gameplay parameters.

Local 2-players split-screen is also available.

C, SDL 1.2, OpenGL 1, GLU

Worked with Maël Crespin--Pommier.

Gameplay trailer

Sources (Github)

Captain BearBeard Screenshot

Captain BearBeard

A small side-scroller developed in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare's 32th edition.

The player controls Captain Bearbeard, a pirate bear in a quest for honey. He fights by bouncing and falling very hard on his enemies.

Worked with Sébastien BOURDIN.

ActionScript 3, Flex SDK, FlashDevelop.

Play online (new tab)

Original Post (Ludum Dare website)

Sources (Github)

Boulette Screenshot

Boulette Physiques

A physics simulation based on Verlet integration.

I also used it as an excuse for experimenting with Data-Oriented Design, making better use of the CPU instruction caches and data caches.

C++, SDL2

Sources (Github)

FriendPaint Screenshot


A real-time collaborative painting app, shipping with a dedicated server program.

The main features are handwritten UI widgets, arbitrary client-side viewport transforms, and the network protocol for circular brushes and chatting.

University project, 3 people, 160 hours per person. I was both the project leader and main programmer.

C++11, SFML 2.2

Portable Windows release

Sources (Github)

Vimagimp Screenshot


A scriptable PPM image editor controlled by commands with auto-completion and shothands.

It is possible to create and manipulate multiple layers to achieve a desired result.

Developed in C with a primitive graphics library for Linux.
Worked with Lucas Dussouchaud.

Sources (Github)


I used to practice digital painting and try stuff out.
This didn't age so well, but I think I'll start again with a blank slate and better fundamentals some day.


Concepts for a personal Point & Click project that has yet to see the light of day:
Tiny offsprings of a dinosaur-like species, designed to be easy to animate.

Stone Edge Project

"Concept art" for a video game project for the 3D/Video Games specialization in my 3rd year at IMAC engineering school.